My goal in life is to be the type of person my dogs and cat think Joe Sykes is!
— Judy, owner of Sydney & Roxy

We have had the absolute unfettered honor of having A Guy & A Leash be the primary care giver for our treasured dog. Whether daily walks, nursing Shayne after surgery or watching our home and pet; nobody performs with the care, love, respect, and professionalism that they regularly exhibit.
— The Atkins
A Guy & A Leash gives us peace of mind! They are so reliable, trustworthy, and always go the extra mile! We have never felt so confident in recommending a company to our friends and neighbors!
— The Bera Family

With a hectic schedule and regular travel for work, A Guy & A Leash has made it possible for me to have complete peace of mind when it comes to my dog’s care. Whether it’s the daily walk or a last minute request, I can always count on them to be there and provide attentive and conscientious care. They’re 100% reliable and trustworthy and I honestly can’t imagine using anyone else to care for my dog. I’ve recommended them to many friends, all of whom have been equally as pleased with the care and service their dogs receive. My only complaint is that my dog likes them more than he likes me, but I’m learning to live with that!
— Erin, owner of Murphy

We highly recommend A Guy & A Leash services. We are completely confident in their ability to handle our 120 pound St. Bernard who sometimes likes to walk where ever she pleases. They’ve been reliable, flexible with the schedule, and obviously dog people confirmed by much happy tail wagging.
— Richard, owner of Trixie
Both our dogs love A Guy & A Leash. We had trouble with other dog walkers because one of our dogs was uncooperative and ornery. They have no trouble with “problem” dogs. They’re also skilled at socializing dogs.
— Patty & Bob, owner of Zidane & Buffy

Since we adopted Fenley, A Guy & A Leash has been there to help us care for her. We are so grateful for the attention and love we know that Fenley is getting from them when we cannot be there. They always leave us a little note so we know what Fenley was up to when we are gone. Fenley absolutely loves her time with them.
— Randi, owner of Fenley
A Guy & A Leash is just like the Postal Service — they come in the snow, sleet, rain and heat no matter what the DC weather throws at us. Prince waits by the door looking for them and is so excited to see when they come up the walk. We’ve loved having them give Prince his mid-day break and it tires Prince out nicely. I highly recommend them for all dog-related needs!
— Ann, owner of Prince

If you feel the same way we do about dogs (i.e., they are our kids), then A Guy & A Leash is the best babysitter you’ve ever had. Dependable, honest, and great with dogs – all kinds and temperaments – They’re truly a dog’s best friend. Our experience with them started with the last few months of our 13-year-old Dalmatian Sonny’s life, who needed a cart (doggie wheelchair) to get around. They did so well with Sonny that when we adopted Ferris, a rambunctious 120-pound Shepherd/Rottie mix, we knew they would be great with Ferris too. The best testimonial comes straight from Ferris, who gets so excited to see them every day he nearly can’t contain himself. We highly recommend them for your dog’s daily walk!
— Lisa, owner of Ferris
My dog Teddy means the world to me and it’s very important to me that he get the best care possible. That’s why I am so grateful to have A Guy & A Leash as his walker. They’re reliable and trustworthy, and they give me the peace of mind of knowing that Teddy is in great hands while I am at work.
— Julia, owner of Teddy
I was referred to A Guy & A Leash when I first moved to the area; I was in a bind and they were able to come through for me on watching my 13 year old yellow lab, Louie. They were amazing, I was sent updates with how Louie was doing and never hesitated to call with a question. I also have moved locally and they were able to still keep us in their schedule.
— Dana, owner of Louie

A Guy & A Leash takes care of our dogs—and our home—just like a trusted member of the family. They’re so attentive, and especially sensitive to the needs of our older dog. They always go beyond the call of duty—they even cleared a downed tree in our driveway during a winter storm! And most importantly, our dogs Poe and Stella just love them—their tails wag a mile a minute when they arrive to take them out for a walk. We trust them completely, and we’re all very lucky to have found them!
— Jessica, owner of Poe & Stella
Every day I look forward to going outside with my walker, Lya. She always arrives on time and takes me for long walks around the neighborhood. She leaves detailed notes about our day and my behavior for my parents, which puts their minds at ease while they’re at work all day. The neighbors even like Lya, and ask my parents who the nice lady is that takes me out and talks to me. I can’t imagine life without my best friend, Lya!
— Zimm the dog, owner of Lauren

I have been using A Guy & A Leash since I got my dog Sawyer at just 8 weeks old. Now at almost 3 years old, I wouldn’t trust my dog to anyone else. With the flexibility I needed when he was still young and the frequent potty breaks during the 13 hours I was gone they were always reliable. Having a schedule for work that always changes can make for a nightmare arranging for a dog walker but they have always kept up with the ever changing days needed. I highly recommend them and often pass the number out to colleagues. If you are looking for a business that genuinely cares for your animal, this is your service!!
— Michelle, owner of Sawyer