We provide care for animals of all shapes and sizes. We care for the softest personalities and the toughest. We believe that patient, attentive care is the first step in understanding the way animals want to live with us, or some might say, how they want us to live with them.

What makes us different

  • Payment options are customized for the client.
  • No charge for cancellations that are made the day before planned service.
  • Free initial consultation, which typically takes 30 min. This is where we make sure that your pet (and you) approve of us caring for them and we are introduced to your household.

additional INFO

  • Licensed, bonded & insured; you will have peace of mind that your pets and property will always remain our number one priority.
  • We only provide service for pets that have all of their current shots and vaccinations.
  • Two sets of keys will be required. Additional fees will be applied for a return of keys.
  • We are capable of administering most medications to pets. If there is something that we’ve not done before, we are more than ready to learn.

Please feel free to ask any questions about anything! 

For some, the concept of someone other than yourself, a family member, or a friend/neighbor providing care for your pet can be relatively new. 
If it is, please don’t be shy regarding any concerns you might have. There isn’t a question that doesn’t have an answer!


My goal in life is to be the type of person my dogs and cat think Joe Sykes is!
— Judy, owner of Sydney & Roxy
A Guy & A Leash gives us peace of mind! They are so reliable, trustworthy, and always go the extra mile! We have never felt so confident in recommending a company to our friends and neighbors!
— The Bera Family