Our Services

  • Mid-day walks
  • Morning and evening walks/visits
  • Weekend walks/visits
  • Group walks *
  • Scheduled visits/sitting
  • Cat sitting
  • Potty breaks **
  • Administration of basic medications

* Only where applicable   ** Only available for puppies and elderly dogs

Why have a professional dog walker/pet sitter?

human benefits

  • Relax at work or while away knowing that your pet and property are
    being cared for by responsible licensed and insured professionals
  • Confidence that your pets health and safety is being provided for
  • Coming home to a happy pet
  • Competitive rates

PET benefits

  • Well experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures the safety of your pet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Mental stimulation and socialization for your pet
  • Relieves boredom therefore decreasing unwanted and destructive behaviors
  • Bathroom relief
  • Reinforcement of training and obedience
  • Joy and happiness

In home sitting as a preferred alternative to boarding

    • Pets feel maximum comfort being around your familiar scents and their own
    • We give your pets the routine they’re accustom to; in their own environment
    • With a sitter, your property will be cared for and maintained while you’re away
    • Come home to a happy and healthy pet

    Come home to your house and pet just the way you left them